About Regina's Connection

Because not all witches live in Salem

A magic shop like no other

Regina’s Connection has everything you need to be the master of your own soul journey. Being an empowered witch means we take control and responsibility of our energy, intentions and outcomes. Regina’s Connection has everything you need for any spell, ritual, healing ceremony, divination, or intention work you can think of.

A wide variety of herbs, salts, crystals and cards. Our staff are experienced witches who will help and guide you on your journey. We are here to listen to your stories and support you in your learning. We are here to help you find your new favorite crystal, just the right herbal tea, or an exciting deck of cards.

We are not your cookie cutter shop who has amethyst in the window and a reader on Saturdays. We are the shop you can bring your dog in. The shop you can go and talk about the alien that visited you last night. The place you can come with your butterfly wings on.

The place you can show up in wearing your loudest and brightest outfit, you will fit right in. We celebrate individuality. The uniqueness of your energy and how it blesses the world. You do not have to be a witch, a shaman or a healer. You do not even need to know where you are going on your journey or why your hear. You do have to be curious and willing to do the work.

Welcome to our Island Haven: Where All Are Embraced and Empowered

We proudly stand out, inviting you into our space with the declaration 'All Witches Welcome,' extending honorary witch status to every soul aware of their strength and power, poised to forge their own destiny

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