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Regina's Connection where moon cycles, astrological influences and seasonal change all matter offering an exstensive collection of local homestead and metaphysical items for consciously creating life through magic. Every item in the store is marked with its symbolic and magical meaning to assist you in finding the perfect match for your needs.

With our extensive selection of crystals, herbs, holistic, and vintage products, you're bound to uncover the magic in the world around you. Each item in the store has been labelled with its symbolic and magical significance to help you find the perfect fit for your wor.. You are sure to find what you are looking for and more with our wide selection of crystals, herbs, holistic and vintage products.


Discover nature's potent allies, meticulously chosen and labeled for their symbolic and magical virtues, guiding you to craft spells and brew potions aligned with your intentions.


Harness the Earth's energy with our curated selection of crystals, each imbued with its unique metaphysical properties, aiding you in manifesting your desires and amplifying your spiritual journey.

Sacred Smoke

Cleanse your space and spirit with our sacred smoke offerings, harmonizing with the lunar cycles and astrological influences, inviting clarity and balance into your rituals and daily life.

Vintage Items

Uncover treasures from the past, each with its own story and resonance, bridging the gap between history and magic, infusing your practice with nostalgia and wisdom.


Embrace the rhythm of the seasons and the cycles of the moon, with our homesteading essentials, connecting you to the earth's vitality and empowering you to live in harmony with nature's rhythms.


Expand your knowledge and dive deeper into the realms of magic and mysticism with our curated collection of books, offering insights, spells, and ancient wisdom to enrich your spiritual journey.

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