We build beautiful & effective websites using a strategy-first approach designed to grow your business

Is your website working for you?

Does it stand? Does it help you accomplish your goals? Often times your website is the first impression of your brand, your first opportunity to impress and gain trust. But then, more importantly lead the visitors on journey you designed. It becomes clear to us that design does not only impress visually, but play an important role in your brand strategy and accomplish very specific goals.

Our Process


We start with our Strategy Questionnaire. The questionnaire gives us a good sense of your current position in your indsutry as well as goals you have for your new website.


An in-depth phone call or meeting with you to get to know you personally and professionally. We’ll go over the Strategy Questionnaire and set goals for your new site.


A detailed plan and outline for your new website. We’ll use the strategy and goals developed in previous steps to determine the hierarchy and flow for site visitors.

Web Solutions.

Is your website working for you? Is it a tool to help build your business and brand? Does it tell your story in a creative way? Does it present a great first impression? At Blunor, we use strategy throughout the web design process, ensuring your website tells your story in a meaningful way, guiding site visitors to take action.

We strive to make your website not just a beautiful non-material brand, but an investment with a positive return.

In today’s fast-paced age, your first impression needs to build trust, impress visually, but most importantly – inspire strategic action.

Our goal with your new website is to pursuade site visitors to take action with you. To take that planned next step you have for them.

“Your perception determines your reception.” is a quote we stand by.

What We Do

Website Design

Your website is an online representation of your company. It’s your virtual office, and its design and structure will influence the way potential clients think of your practice. It must be professional, easy to navigate, and include the imagery, colors, and even the font that clearly convey your unique image. The right website will play a key role in turning visitors into leads, and ultimately, into clients.

It takes some work to turn ideas into creative web designs. I can design or redesign for you a completely new website if you want me to. My team consists of designers who can provide expert service to agencies and businesses alike.

What We Do

Blogging Websites

We usually love working with passionate bloggers and the only goal is to make their work or articles look impressive. The Internet is full of blogging solutions, but an expert in web development will make the content stand out. Bloggers have much more dynamic requirements and we tend to most of them, allowing them to focus on content creation.

Please visit our portfolio section to see examples of beautiful blog websites we have developed for our clients.

What We Do

Online Store with WordPress/Shopify

Blunor is the ideal choice for local businesses needing e-commerce-based website solutions. Using WordPress or Shopify, the most effective online shopping solutions are provided. Along with integrated Order Management and Payment Solutions, project catalogs are displayed in the most intuitive manner. If you are looking for E-Commerce web development services, don't look elsewhere because our team is reliable, honest, and experienced.

What We Do

Template websites on budget

Well if you have a limited budget for your website startup, then the recommendation is you go for Template based websites. We will present a range of attractive website templates using platforms such as WordPress, which can be modified to suit current business requirements. You can get the job done quickly and at a reasonable cost. After the website integrations on the server are completed, the website will be made live.

What We Do

Developing custom web designs

Using PSDs and client-supplied ideas for custom web design also fall into the core of our expertise. This is an excellent opportunity to connect with us if your business wants to stand out from the competition. In addition, cross-platform design optimization and loading speed optimization will be implemented. All of the stakeholders have been impressed with the ability to complete all the tasks with the highest level of expertise.

About Hamid,

A passionate web developer with eight years of experience working as a freelancer, Hamid Sheikh is a skilled and experienced programmer. Hamid Sheikh can deliver intuitive web projects regardless of whether they are WordPress/Shopify or Custom Web Solutions.

As a Top Rated Seller on Fiverr and having handled around 1150 web development projects, there is no doubt about my skill and trustworthiness. My main focus remains on providing businesses with solutions that maximize their return on investment. You always need experts to handle web development projects in order to avoid failures that lead to disappointment for all stakeholders.

What Clients Love About Working With Blunor

What Makes Blunor Different?

It's no surprise that we have 1150+ satisfied clients and have never missed a shot in our work history. See how this has been accomplished in such a highly demanding environment.

Taking careful note of details

Client requirements are of utmost importance to us. Ultimately, what matters are solutions that meet the expectations of project owners.

A constant flow of communication

Keeping in touch with our clients and developing & monitoring their projects is part of our responsibility. We consistently communicate with all stakeholders.

Post-project Support

Rather than just delivering the project once, we look for continuous improvement. A Post-Project Support service is also available to make adjustments and changes

Compatibility across platforms

The websites developed are compatible with both desktop and mobile versions. Each version is separately developed and integrated for website users.

Performance optimization of code

The coding is done in such a way that websites remain highly responsive in terms of speed and fast loading of web pages takes place for maximum web accessibility.

Custom Design Development

Regarding custom design solutions, it makes no difference to us. We have been providing custom web development services for 8 years.

Success Stories

What Our Clients are Saying?

I gave Hamid a basic outline of what I needed and he did more than I expected. He is very comfortable making professional sites and has good ideas to make things work in a fluid manner. I absolutely recommend him and his work. He was very responsive and did my revisions quickly, finished in the time frame we set as our deadline, and his price is more than fair. I was tired of trying to build my site on my own. WordPress, is awesome, yet tedious. I was tired of messing with it and Hamid saved the day!


Excellent to work with! I love our new site and look forward to developing the site with, Hamid in the future. He has an amazing talent to grasp exactly what look is trying to be achieved. 10/10 recommend.


Amazing seller. Great communication. Will definitely us again for web design!!


Hamldshelkh worked very hard to understand what I wanted. We spoke on Zoom several times and had hundreds of messages back and forth on Fiverr. This attention to my requests showed me he was genuinely concerned with my thoughts and my project as a whole. Once we decided on a layout his changes as per my request were handled correctly the first time and this allowed us to move quickly through the approval process. I liked his ideas on how to make the site faster and easy for the visitor to navigate through the information. Overall great job and we are very happy.


Hamid is a great developer!! The communication was great and the website looks amazing!! Best service


Hamid was wonderful to work with. He was very patient and helped me determine the look and functionality of my website. He was super responsive and did top quality work. I’d recommend him to anyone.


1000% recommend using Hamidsheikh for your website! He fulfilled all requests and exceeded expectations. Excellent communicator, and I were able to get ahold of him at any time. Hamidsheikh never made it seem as if any request was a hassle and was very diligent throughout the whole process. Thank you so much, Hamidsheikh!


I am a repeat customer and as usual it's a pleasure to work with Hamid. Will definitely use again!


In my almost 50 years of doing business I never met a person so easy to work with. His ideas and suggestions were exactly what I needed to get this project going. Hamid is very knowledgeable, and nothing is too difficult. Whatever ideas I have he can do it. I'm a very happy customer.


I would definitely recommend Hamid. Great work, very helpful and good customer service. I had some delays on my side and he was very accommodating.


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